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A bit more about this

May 4, 2012

I thought I’d do another post explaining a bit more about why I started this blog. I’ve always been a skinny person, the sort of person normal-sized people think its ok to come up and go, “Oh, aren’t you thin!” to. It’s weird how people think that’s ok, when they wouldn’t dream of going up to some overweight person and cluck, “Blimey, aren’t you ever fat!”


At the end of April or so, I decided to join a gym and darn well stick to it, to see if I couldn’t make myself a little bit bigger. I’ve been members of gyms in the past and never really stuck with it, either through moving house, or just preferring to play Call of Duty for weeks on end.

So hopefully over the coming months, I’ll be able share my experiences of getting a bit bigger, healthier, and not knowing what the fuck an adductor machine is.

And who knows, I might even learn how to upload a picture to this thing too.


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  1. I can teach you to upload pictures Rich, it’s really quite simple.

    I feel your pain with the whole people calling you skinny thing, it pisses me right off. I haven’t had it as much though since I’ve had boobs. Perhaps you should get yourself some of them?

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