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Joining a gym

May 9, 2012

I suppose the hardest part of joining a gym is actually joining a gym. My primary concerns were convenience, and cost. I was looking to pay around £40 a month, which to me seems fairly reasonable for what you get for it: A place you can have a shower when your boiler breaks down.

A gym on the same street as my work cost £69pcm, and was full of ancient, creaky machines. I did not join this gym.

A gym on the same street as where my work is moving in a few months costs £25 a month, and seemed fairly good, being connected to a larger leisure centre. This gym also had a pool, which I did not care about.

The gym I ended up joining was a Fitness First, who charge me £45 a month. I had to sign a 12 month contract which I wasn’t happy about, but if you want the option to get out whenever you want, the price jumps up to something like £67, so fuck that, obviously. My final price was lowered slightly by the fact that I declined the option to use other Fitness Firsts nationwide, so I’m locked into this facility. If I’d wanted to use all the gyms in the country, the price would have been £50 a month. Psychologically that seems a lot more than £45, to me.

However, it’s really close to my house and on the way to work, so it ticks the convenience box. I’ve been going for around three weeks now and it’s pretty good. In a future post I’m going to select five things I like and five things I don’t like about this particular gym, so I’m sure you’ll look forward to that.

But back to joining the gym. When I signed, I got a free backpack with a little water bottle inside, and a little towel thing, and a keyfob that gets me discounts at places like 3 mobile (as if) and, like, Thomas Cook holidays or something.  I also got two free personal training sessions, more of which in a future post.

They also took a £40 joining fee, and gave me a little loyalty-stamp card. If I get 20 stamps within 8 weeks, I get £20 of the joining fee back. A nice incentive for first-time members, which I am hopefully on my way to fulfilling.



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  1. This is the cutest blog about the gym I have ever read.

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