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June 7, 2012

Well, it had to happen. Just as I was getting into some kind of rhythm, I had to have a small operation that will put me out of training for 4-6 weeks.

Here’s how Fitness First helped. They offered to defer my membership for a month, which was kind of nice but kind of pointless.

Here is how they did not help. You remember the “come 20 times in 8 weeks and get £20 back” reward card, well I’m only a few stamps away and asked, before the surgery, whether I would just lose this.

The fella on reception was super nice, and said if I could just make it along to the gym with my card, walk around for a bit and leave, he’d stamp it for me.

So, four days after the op, I hobbled in to find some blonde devil woman manning the stamper. I explained my situation, and she and a couple of the PTs hanging around laughed in my face. When she noticed I wasn’t laughing, she said “Imagine if we let everyone do that, the point is you’re supposed to train.”

I pointed out that I wanted to train but wasn’t fit to, but she point blank refused to help me out. She went and spoke to her manager, who apparently backed her up.

Fine, I said, I’d like to come in and train. I walked in, took a drink at the water fountain, then walked back out. “You didn’t train,” she insisted, “I just watched you.”

She wouldn’t stamp my thing, is the end of the story. It was terrible customer service and I wished I worked at Men’s Health or something so I could threaten them with a dreadful exposè. As it was, I just slunk out, annoyed.

The worst part is I was actually beginning to enjoy the gym, now I’m not only unable to work out, but I’ve been mugged off by some bitch that works there. That’s life.


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