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Do you remember this blog?

March 10, 2013

I did, about an hour ago. I bet there’s a book you could make of the first three posts of long-forgotten fitness blogs. So much optimism. So many inspirational quotes.

Anyway, the 4-6 weeks I had intended on being injured for turned into 4-6 months, which was pretty awful. But now I am nearly operational, I’ve started going to the gym again. The funny thing is, I can’t sit down on any of the machines or anything yet. All I can do is stand there and lift weights. However, people tell me that’s actually probably a pretty good thing, as standing up means you operate more of your core muscles when you’re doing stuff.

It’s been about three weeks and I am definitely lifting heavier stuff than I was three weeks ago, so that’s progress. In a move of stunning predictability, I’ve ordered some of that Protein Shake Powder stuff and one of those dorky little plastic lid-cups off the internet, so that should be arriving in the next day or two and then it’s all systems go. I also bought a vest from Sports Direct. It looks pretty hilarious.

Things I need to figure out:

  • A workout plan. I know you’re meant to do like, quadro-glutes on one day, then bicep smashers the next day, then auxiliary-squattro-rotations on day 3 etc. What I do is, just go in there and move weights around until I feel like I’ve been in there long enough. I need a routine in order to work stuff to exhaustion, then allow it to rest by working on something else.
  • What to eat. Everyone tells me that in order to gain any bulk, you have to eat a fuck ton of eggs and whatnot. My main problem is whether to have breakfast before or after.
  • Where the sauna is.

No pictures yet.



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