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Morning disappointment, MyProtein style.

March 15, 2013

I mentioned I had bought some protein shake powder and one of those little plastic cups to drink it out of. That all arrived yesterday, so I eagerly mixed up my first batch this morning. Put in 250ml of water, added 25g of powder (or what I estimated to be 25g with a ladle – the Official MyProtein 25g Scoop did not come with the pack), and gave the thing a good shake, as per instructions.

Why would you not make your milkshake shaker watertight, is my question. Little drops of gross water went everywhere and all down the side of the cup. And then even when I was drinking it, it was dripping down my front. I had planned on mixing these up and taking them to the gym in the morning, now if I want to do that I’ll need to put it inside a watertight container. I guess people have had worse problems.

A note on the taste. I went for vanilla. The first taste (the part that went in my mouth) was actually really nice. Sweet, slightly weird in texture but generally ok. The very next sip, my throat basically tried to close up and reject it. How can something go from moderately tasty to incredibly gross so quickly? It reminded me of the Butterbeer from the Harry Potter Studio Tour. If you ever find yourself there, save your £4.50.

If you ever find yourself on the MyProtein website, don’t forget to order the scoop. And a bib.




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